Monday, November 21, 2011

More Occupy notes: Even Occupiers will be shopping on Black Friday

This is going to be a short week on my blog, folks, because of Thanksgiving.  I'll post today, and I'll try very hard to finish a movie review on Wednesday, and then I'll be away from my blog for probably a week because of Turkey Day followed by Black Friday and other stuff that I got going on this coming weekend.  But fear not, I'll still be posting to Facebook!

Today, however, I must add some more commentary on the Occupy movement; mainly because it's so hyped up and it so epic fails on its goals for reasons that the movement's supporters can't see.  For starters, let's take the fact that it's hyped up by the press-that-does-not-have-a-liberal-bias-despite-appearances-to-the-contrary.  Look at it this way, friends....

If the Tea Party had all the rape, murder, assaults, vandalism, defecating in public, fornicating in public, child molesters in their groups, lice, ringworms, and other acts of defiance against public decency and disrespect of law enforcement, then the press would call the Tea Party the worst thing since the House Un-American ActivitiesCommittee.  Actually, the press does that now, but not because the Tea Party does all those things that Occupy does, but simply because many members of the press are liberal, and thus opposed to the Tea Party's mostly conservative-leaning ideas.

Contrast that with how the press covers Occupy.  While any negative act by one member of the Tea Party is used to label the whole group, the negative acts by members of Occupy are explained as the works of individuals, and that it does not reflect the Occupy group as a whole.  Tell me that this does not reflect a bias on the part of the media.

On top of that, consider the ironies that the press lets Occupy get away with that wouldn't be gotten away with had the Tea Party done similarly ironic things.  For instance, consider that "members of the 1%" celebrities come a-calling mainly for the publicity, and yet these celebrities continue to benefit from the wealth they obtained in our capitalist society.  Consider also the rapper who tried to hock in on the movement without giving anything to the cause.  Also consider the irony of Occupy Oakland's deposit of $20k into Wells Fargo; a sum that most "members of the 99%" have never seen all at once at any time in their lives.  Had the Tea Party gone to the Communist Party of America for donations, you know the press would be all over it like a dog on a tree!

Ah, but the greatest irony is yet to come, friends! Come this Friday - aka Black Friday, the official Capitalist Holiday of the USA - the very same hordes of Occupy and Occupy supporters will be streaming into the stores and websites to take advantage of the sales that will be going on at that time.  Thus, again, taking advantage of one our benefits of living in a capitalist society.  Some will even go to the stores when they open at midnight on Thanksgiving day!  Whoever said that irony was dead hadn't taken into account the Occupy movement!

Yes, I comment a lot on Occupy both here and on FB, but it's because their actions reflect on my generation; making us look like a bunch of clueless boneheads who aren't even aware that they're being bludgeoned to death with the Irony Stick of Doom!  I know we are better than that!  So what I do is tough love, gang.  We gotta start somewhere when it comes to being in the public eye, I suppose; I just wanted a better start than this.  A LOT better.  I just hope that enough of my generation will see what we are doing wrong, so that next time we can apply these lessons on our next foray into the public eye.

Right now, though, I'm gonna have to live with gritting my teeth in frustration at all these acts of stupidity!  Arrgh!

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