Monday, November 7, 2011

To the Occupiers: From me to you with love! An Occupy logo!

Unlike most liberals when it comes to the free speech rights of conservatives, I believe that liberals have free speech rights.  They have every right to go out there and do their Occupy thing.  And I've said before that I love liberals.  I really do!  So why am I so hard on them?  Call it tough love.  :-)

However, I also believe that if they are going to spread their message, then they should at least be honest on what they're really about.  With that, I asked the boss to craft this little logo for me to represent what the Occupy movement is really about.  And now to explain the symbols!

The first symbol, of course, represents President Obama.  This sort of "uprising" is what he really wants to do, instead of dealing with the nuances and minutiae of our legislative system to get his desired goals made into law.  Right now, he has to actually work to get this done, and he has to accept compromises, which makes him look bad in the eyes of his fellow anti-capitalist leftists.

The next two symbols are the classic Communist hammer and sickle, and the letter U with SSR in it are in reference to the old USSR, the birthplace of the Communist movement.  This, folks, is what the Occupy movement is really about.  These people want to substitute our legal system with the old, archaic, and so-last-millennium Communist philosophies that has failed everywhere it's been tried - including the old Soviet Union.  But for some reason, these old-school leftists think that they can get it right this time.

And the pie is basically to represent what they believe will happen when things go their way.  Their pie-in-the-sky delusional fantasies, in other words, of a free and open society where we are all equal and we all love each other and no one has more than anyone else, and there is no longer any pain and misery and suffering because we have legislated it out of existence. 

The exclamation point is what it looks like - an exclamation point!  It's to symbolize the passion of the movement - wrongheaded as it is.  Somehow they believe that if they shout "OCCUPY!" then everyone around them - the "99%", - will totally gist on what they're about and join them in an uprising of the worker against the oppressive capitalist system.  All while benefiting from the fruit of our capitalist system of course, with their iPhones, laptops with Wi-Fi, iPads, and so on - and totally oblivious to the irony of it.

So to my liberal friends out there, feel free to utilize the freedom of speech that our country provides; just be honest about what you're truly promoting, and you can do that by using this logo.  One stipulation however:  You must not profit from its usage.  Get some rich liberal One-Percenter to fund the creation of t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc, and tell them to hand it out all free.  To make any sort of profit from its usage would betray the spirit of the Occupy movement, after all! 

Now go out there and Occupy!

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