Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not an Onion story; this is fer realz: Occupy Oakland deposits 20k into - Wells Fargo!

This is one of those stories that conservative blogger Michelle Malkin would call "snortalicious".  "Snortalicious" is a contraction of the words "snort" (as in "snort derisively in laughter") and "delicious" (as in "delicious irony", like today's story).

Today's snortalicious story, and probably the most snortalicious story for a long time to come, is this one about the Occupy Oakland group depositing $20k into Wells Fargo, one of their bloodsworn enemies:

Occupy Oakland Attacks Wells Fargo, Then Deposits $20,000

See gang, this is the kind of education that your taxes are paying for.  Scary, ain't it? And yet, it's also hilarious, since it's these liberal types that are always harping on how stupid the rest of us are and how brilliant they are.  Apparently, they are so brilliant that they think the "rules" don't apply to them, including the irony of their depositing that much money into one the very banks that they've protested.

Okay, I have to finish with this:


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