Wednesday, November 16, 2011

War of the Independents again: Now I'm psyched!

A week ago today I had reviewed War of the Independents #1, and my main criticism was that there were too many characters trying to get your attention, and also that it didn't make sense to have superhero-style characters and cartoony characters all together. 

Well, on the WotI FB page, I heard from one of the creators that they are indeed going to make the rest of the issues as I had suggested in my previous blog entry about WotI.  There's even going to be an issue of the super ladies, and I am very curious on how that one will go.  Sheesh, I wish I could be in that one!  LOL  Anyway, now that I know of the upcoming format, I'm officially psyched!  You go, dudes!  Bring it on and make it happen like I know you can!  :-D

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