Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Commission contest results!

Before I announce the winner, let me fill you in on what the boss had to sort through.  A total of 10 rough drafts were submitted, which included the initial submissions, followed by additional submissions based on my suggestions for "tweaking" the art just a touch so that it would be more to the liking of the boss. 

Well, it turns out that my tweaking suggestions really did the trick, because the boss had a difficult time choosing the rough draft that would go on to its completed form of finished art in glorious color!  I submitted the rough drafts on Saturday morning, and it wasn't until last night that the boss made his final decision! 

So thanks to the artists for their hard work, and for taking my tweaking suggestions to heart, because it really made a difference in making the boss' job in selecting the winning rough draft a lot harder - and that's just what we wanted!

I know the artists are anxious for me to just get down to it, so here we go: 

The winning artist is John Rose! 

John wins the $125 commission to make the completed work based on his rough draft, plus he will get a gushing review from me once I get the finished work in my greedy little hands!  I, for one, can't wait to see the finished work!  Take the time you need John - but hurry!  LOL  ;-)


Mr Sabastian Van Esch, don't you go anywhere! 

You made the boss' job of picking a winner so difficult that he would like to offer you a $100 commission to make a finished work of one of your rough drafts simply because he wants to see how it turns out.  And of course, you also will get a gushing review from me once the finished work arrives in my eager hands!

So congratulations to you both, and thanks again for your hard work.  I'll be e-mailing you later today to get things rolling.

As for the rest of you, you are in for a real treat once you see the completed work.  Man, I had such fun with this contest!  So much fun that we are already planning the next one in August!  Stay tuned!  Whoohoo!!

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