Friday, June 14, 2013

Weekly commission contest update - June 14, 2013

One week to go!  If you're an artist wanting to participate in this contest, then you better hurry up, bucko!  I'm dying to hand the rough drafts to the boss so that he can pick one, and I can be one step closer to having new art in my greedy little hands!

My precioussssss......!!!!

The way we have it planned so far is that come Saturday, June 22nd, I'll hand off all the rough drafts to the boss, and he'll look at them over the weekend.  Come Monday June 24th, he'll contact me on whether or not he has made his decision.  He has promised to not take any longer than Wednesday, June 26th, so it will be on that day at the latest when I make my special announcement of the winner of my first commission contest.  I'm so excited!  :-D

Anyway, after that, then the winning artist will GET FREAKIN' STARTED on making the art!

Oh, by the way, a note to the artists - be sure to let me know if you are on PayPal, because that's how the boss will pay you.  Very important!  If you have some other means besides PayPal, then we will need to know pronto!  That means, "right away!"

See you next week!

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