Wednesday, June 19, 2013

LAST CALL for entries for my commission contest!

Attention, attention!

For all of you artists out there who are interested in participating in my commission contest, but for whatever reason haven't submitted your rough drafts (and at this stage, all I'm asking is for the rough drafts, not completed works!), then you have only TWO DAYS to submit them to me! 

And then this will be my





Well, at least until the next one in August.  LOL  >.<

Had you going there for a second though, didn't I?  ;-)

Here's a link to the initial annoucement of my contest.

Here's a link to a couple of rule changes.

And here's a link to a couple of questions that were asked the first weekend after I made my commission contest announcement.

Come Saturday morning, I will be e-mailing the boss all of the rough drafts that I've received so far, and once I do that, then the first phase of this contest will be over, and the second one begins, in which the boss looks over the entries and makes his decision on who will be the winner of my very first commission contest.  The third and last phase will be when he's made his decision, and I will notify the artist, and then announce it here on my blog.  And then soon after that, you will see the winning entry in glorious color, along with my gushing praise!  :-)

So there you go, true believers!  Stay tuned!  Good luck to all of you!

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