Monday, June 3, 2013

Update on commission contest

Yep, the commission contest is officially up and running!

Today I am going to answer a couple of questions that I got over the weekend in regards to the contest.

1.) Can I collaborate with others to make the art?

Yes, you may!  There is great fun in working as a team on something like this!  However, be aware that no matter how many of you collaborate in making your awesome artwork, there will still be only one $125 prize.  That is, if there is more than one of you making this artwork, then you will have to split the prize money among your associates. 

2.) Who owns the art after it's done? 

Well, you own the physical artwork.  That is, if you put pen and ink to paper, then that's yours to put to your physical portfolio and show off to others and display in a gallery if you wish.  Some artists are quite willing to send me the physical copies of their work, and I'm quite willing to accept them! ^.^

That's up to you though, if you want to send us the physical artworks themselves.  I cherish each and every one that I happen to get, but I will totally understand if you want to hold on to them.

However, because we are paying you for your services, once you've sent the completed work to us, then we will own the finished piece.  What this means is that we reserve the right to display it on my blog, on FB, and whatever means we have available to us later.  That is, if I get an official website or even a comic book, then we may use it in those as well. 

But understand this one very important note:  No matter where we display it, we will always, ALWAYS give you credit for it.  That's why I ask you for the URL to whatever site you keep your artworks, if it be deviantArt, Tumblr, or whatever.  I'm a big believer in giving credit where credit is due in regards to artists, so know that I will always give you credit for your hard work. 

In turn, wherever you display the finished work on your own sites (such as deviantArt), we likewise ask that you note something like "This is a commissioned artwork for a blogger named Andromeda.  Her blog can be found at:".  It's doing little things like this that will help you get future commissions.  :-)

As I get more questions in regards to my contest, I will post them here.  Thanks for the interest! 

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