Sunday, August 10, 2008

The abuse of DC Comics' Mary Marvel

Now let's look at how DC is treating poor Mary Marvel. Here's some pics that chronicle her changes:

Good Mary Marvel:

Transitional Mary Marvel:

Evil Mary Marvel:

You may ask, "What the hell happened to her??" Here's the situation that led to this sad turn of events: Way back about a couple of years ago, Mary Marvel (MM from here on) was out in her white costume doing the hero bit like she's always done. She was high above the ocean near a Mexican beach fighting it out with some weird harpy-looking creature, when her power left her in a clap of thunder like the one that gives her her power when she says the magic word. Suddenly depowered, she plummeted into the ocean, screaming "SHAZAM!" all the way down, to no avail. The next time we saw her, it was almost a year later, and she was in a hospital in a coma. When she finally came to, she found out that she was de-powered.

At the time that she got depowered, her brother Billy Batson was (and is) now the head dude in charge of the Shazam magic. The question that has yet to be answered is: would it have killed him to give his sister some freakin' warning that he was about to take away her power? Couldn't he wait 5 seconds for her to land on the ground first?

And he could have done that, by the way. How do I know this? Because when MM had gotten Black Adam's power later, THEN - only THEN - did he call her to the Rock of Eternity (home of the Shazam magic)! If he could call her then, why couldn't he call her before depowering her while high in the sky over the ocean?

I find it unbelievable that Billy could be that monumentally inconsiderate of his sister. Allegedly, he's supposed to be a good guy, but good guys don't depower their sisters while they're high in the sky, dammit! Which is why I found the storyline to be unbelievable. All Billy managed to do is create a supervillain that didn't need to exist.

It just doesn't seem logical that Billy would treat his own sister in such an uber-jerkish manner. It's been established that Billy and Mary have a good sibling relationship, and this sudden thoughtlessness on Billy's part just doesn't make sense. The whole storyline seems entirely manufactured just to give an excuse to make MM a villain. At the very least, Billy could have healed Mary from the coma. She could have been killed - and for what? See? It's stupid! I can't see Billy doing that to his only blood relative!

All that DC Comics has accomplished is ruin one of their characters for no good reason. So it's not Billy that owes an explanation, it's DC Comics. Seeing as how the deed is already done, all they can do now is to let MM keep her Black Adam powers so as to keep her powered beyond Billy's reach. It's also a way for her to protest his inexcusable behavior. But rather than the ridiculous costume and hair that she has now, she should wear the black costume and her regular hair. That way, she's still hot. She can also be a bit dark, and grim. No more Pollyanna - she could instead be the female version of Wolverine. Being droppd outta the sky will do that to a person's outlook on life.

The only good coming out of Evil Mary Marvel is that, if she ever became good again, she could easily qualify to join the ranks of Busty Superhero Women, because in the bottom pic, she looks like she's also gained a few cup sizes as well. In fact, maybe that can be the means of luring her back to the side of angels.

I've give my pitch to her: Mary, how would you like to join my little informal group of Busty Superhero Chicks? You'll join an elite crowd, and a lifetime supply of smiley-face temporary tattoos to slap on your boob. You just need to come back to the company of heroes. And go back to the black costume, please; if for no other reason than to piss off your brother. And that hair. Yeesh. Please grow your brown hair back. Maybe the beautiful brown hair you had can be made to magically grow back. Anyway, my offer's open - you just have to get off the destructive path that you're currently on. I'll be waiting.


Don't Die Blondie said...

That snap shot of images of Mary Marvel reminds me of a famous American film: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

Plan B for MM said...

...if that doesn't work you could try plan B...

"ENOUGH!! MM! This is madness! You had so much meaning in the past."

You pick her up by her throat.

"If you don't stop this crap right now, I'm going to hurl you straight into the sun!!"

Busty Superhero Chick said...

Blondie, so is MM good, bad, or ugly? ;-)

plan b for MM, although I have super strength, my strength level is much lower than MM. In other words, it's her who could throw me into the sun. So I think I'll just stick to criticizing her from afar like I've been doing...

Don't Die Blondie said...

To answer your question Busty - 'yes'. From the pics you used to portray Mary Marvel's transition from Good Girl (similar to Superman), Bad Girl (similar to Batman's moody undertones) and the Ugly (WTF!!?? Girl or some druggie...I don't really know) that is the reason why I made the reference to the classic 1960s film "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly". If the reference is wrong, then I apologize as I haven't read any comics featuring Mary Marvel. I'm going with my observation.