Saturday, August 9, 2008

And now for some new pin-up art of me!

You saw a sneak preview of some new pin-up art of me in my new blog banner. Now check out the rest of it!

I love it love it love it! Damn, I'm hot! :-D

If there is ever any animation done of me and my stories, this is how I want to look! The artist's name is Daniel Leon. I had hoped that he would send me a website of his work, but I haven't heard from him yet. But when I do, I will immediately post his site address here, because he deserves recognition!

By the way, if any of you artists are interested in doing pin-up art of me, let me know. I love comics and all that's involved in the process of making them, and if I can get artists to make pin-ups of me, then all the better!


Former Freelancer for No-Nothing Productions said...

Hmmmm.... I'd love to give it a shot. Busty, you know what you should do. When an independent comic is made, you have a collection of all the pin-up art of your alter-ego.

If you are going to go down that route, I suggest you set up an email account (free - easier) so that artists can send in their work. Kinda difficult over the blog and also dangerous (I'm thinking of security by the way).

I have an idea for your next post. You should do a poll on what super powers you should have.

skrenff said...

that is a nice drawing! it reminds me of the little mermaid crossed with a set of DD's.

since you're accepting, i'm gonna send you some rookie fan-art asap.

fomer freelancer of no-nothing productions said...

Woo Hoo! I finished a sketch of yourself Andromeda. When the time is right I can send it to you via e-mail.

Busty Superhero Chick said...

I'll be making an entry on some details about me to aid any artists. Stay tuned!

skrenff said...

I love it love it love it! Damn, I'm hot!

Que the Justin Timberlake. Shake those hips and bring that sexy back.

freelancer said...

I hear that Hapajap, that lovable Asian artist of Electronic Tigers ( will be drawing you a pin up. I can't wait to see it. I'd draw one of you, but I have a lot and I mean A LOT of stuff to do in my real life. I hope you have an enjoyable weekend. Oh, when you do get around to describing the layout of the drawing, please consider the ideas I have been posting for you. Of course that is totally up to you. Take care.