Sunday, August 17, 2008

Update and such

Hey, how's it going?

I saw all the comments that were waiting for me. Holy smoke! I'll try to respond to them, probably tomorrow. However, I do have one request: Please don't create any alternate versions of my name when you make your responses.

While I'm flattered that you think that highly of me, there's one main reason why I'd prefer that you not make any variations of "Andromeda" or "Busty Superhero Chick": I don't want it to be said that I am "sock-puppeting" - that is, I don't want anyone to think that I'm creating all these alternate identities of myself just so that I can build myself up by commenting on my own blog.

I went ahead and posted the two alternate Andromedas' comments, but I won't after that. Nor will I post any comments of variations of "Busty Superhero Chick", or of the other characters that will appear in my comic later. I'm that determined to make sure that others don't think that I'm sock-puppeting. Please understand how important it is to me to do this right. So if you want your comment to appear, use another name besides copies or variations of my own. And besides, I'd rather get to know you all under your own IDs instead of clones of me.

Next, me and my creative team ran into some questions on how we're going to end the storyline that we worked on over the weekend. Not quite a dispute, but more of a disagreement. We'll work on it. I'll keep you all updated.

Thanks, guys. Catch you later.


Freelancer said...

Can't wait to read the finished version. Oh, I have an idea for you and the BSC creative team to finish the first issue. Write two alternate endings and then have someone from your team read it back to the rest of the group. After that, everyone takes a votes to decide which one is better.

Sexy Subatomic said...

HAHAHAHAH!! I am Sexy Subatomic!!! I WILL DESTROY YOU!! With my vast intelligence, you are no match for me. I have a plan. But don't you think that my monologue is to going to give you the advantage. I WILL BE BACK. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! my ultimate plans to destroy you, I have a secret to tell you. My criminal buddies are probably going to shun me after this. I enjoy reading your blog. You have guts my dear. Most superheroes will never post their inner most thoughts over the Internet.

I'd be honored if you could create a character similar to me in your web comic. My identity will have to be changed of course.

Until we meet again. But mark my words; the Mighty Andromeda will be no more. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!

The Joker said...

This blog deserves a better class of criminal. Why so serious? Let's put a smile on that face. HAHAHAHAHAHAHJAHJAHAHAHAHA!!

The Comedian Smiley Face said...

When you are feeling sad and lonely, just remember the positive things you are bringing to peoples lives. Eddie Blake may have not survived in October 1985, but I know you will bring hope to the city.

Gotam Security Guard Employee 2396 said...

The Dark Knight is the film for 2008 so far. I found a You Tube spoof on the Interrogation Scene. I laughed uncontrollably after seeing it. Enjoy.

Freelancer said...

With regards to your web comic series you should consider having a mirror website in XHTML 1.0 format or other web development technology so that your web comic can be accessed through mobile devices (PDAs, iPhones, Cell Phones). Is that a good idea, or is that too much work for your creative team?