Sunday, August 3, 2008

Red Hulk vs. Thor again

I was about to take down my blog poll about Red Hulk vs Thor due to inactivity, but I noticed that I had a mini-splurge in votes. So I'll keep it up a little longer in case I get any more votes. So far, it looks like most of you agree with me that Thor should win. Of course, since it's a Hulk title, somehow Red Hulk will win. That way, the Green Hulk will be the one to beat Red Hulk later. Surely Green Hulk can't go down that easily. Also, since Red Hulk is an infrared Hulk and Green Hulk is a gamma Hulk, is there going to be a ultraviolet Purple Hulk or other Hulks of the light spectrum?

By the way, when the hell is that book coming out??? They're going to make ME hulk out!

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