Wednesday, August 13, 2008

China uses girl's singing voice, but not the girl!

This news story out of China has me furious! The girl on the left has a wonderful singing voice, but because she isn't pretty like the girl on the right, they only used her voice and let the other girl lip sync at the opening ceremonies! How MEAN!!!

I hope one of the news organizations finds this girl and lets her sing for them! I bet the U.S. would fall in love with her! Grrr! I'm so mad!


RA - Rage Anonymous said...

Easy now Andromeda. You don't want to start an International incident. You know flying to China at Mach 6, crash landing at the U.S. Embassy and demanding the person responsible for organizing the Olympic musical performance. And while still in rage picking up the guy upside down and shaking him, like a bag of loose change. You have a reputation to uphold.

Busty Superhero Chick said...

Hm. You're probably right. The Russians have already started causing trouble, so no need for me to spark yet another international incident.

Newspaper Stand Guy said...

I was reading the Letters section from my city's newspaper and I wanted to add this in light of your blog post about the musical performance at the 2008 Beijing Olympic games:

Little girl's role itself another China 'fakery'

Re: On the bright side, at least reports of fakery at Games are getting out, Aug. 13

Cam Cole's discussion of China's "fakery" at the Olympics Games needed to add just another element of the "very large lies" China was displaying with the controversy of the little girls singing Ode to the Motherland at the opening ceremony.

The fact that a little girl was present at all in the opening ceremony is a phenomenally major lie to show a better face for China that it cherishes their little girls for one to be so prominently representing China to the world.

In a country which by law, only allows people to have one child, baby boys are kept. Thousands of baby girls are abandoned throughout China to die, or if lucky, rescued and brought to orphanages. Anyone remotely familiar with international adoption knows that for many decades westerners have been adopting Chinese girls of all ages from Chinese orphanages. The only Chinese boys that are able to be adopted by foreigners are those with developmental disabilities or those who have uncorrectable severe physical disabilities.

I did not watch the opening ceremony as it was my own personal boycott as that was about China and I was not going to support a country with such profound human rights abuses and such profound environmental abuses.

I only watched the parades of athletes. That for me was the real part of the opening ceremony. Not China's "fakery" with the rest of the opening ceremony.

Ottawa, Canada

Source: The Ottawa Citizen

I thought you'd find that interesting to read.

- Newpaper Stand Guy

Superhero Beginnings said...

Yesterday, I watched the 100 and 200 metres mens track event, witnessing history Jamaican Usain Bolt destroying both 100 M and 200 M records. This man's nickname is own as "Lighting", but I believe in reality is should be called "The Flash". Imagine if there was a live action movie starring Leryn Franco as you and Usain as the Flash. Also I read in an article that Usain didn't show respect to the other runners. What do you think?