Monday, August 18, 2008

Q & A: Response to a comment about my abilities

Let’s go ahead and take care of a little business by answering one of the comments that was sent to me. I thought that it’d be better to answer here in case others of you had the same questions/observations about what I’ve said about myself so far. Here’s the original comment in its entirety:

“So far from what I've read you are extremely powerful. You have super strength, heightened senses; you can fly fast. You have super healing. Your costume is tear resistant, so that so horny guys won’t drool after battling you. In your previous posts, you stated because of your athletic build you are probably flexible as well. And finally you perfect hand-eye coordination and reflexes allows to you evade any attack in all directions. In light on a better word you are perfect. But when developing your stories (which you are working on now) its important to add the human element as well. Sure its fun beating the crap out of bad guys and gals (yes I said GALS, 'cause it would be boring if your battles were one sided), but on the other hand you have a real life to deal with. Getting good grades in school, dealing with bullies without revealing your secret identity, and trying to show your true feeling to the one you really care about. Now I'm not saying to make the comic series super serious (please don't hurt me because I used a pun), but remember to keep it real and believable. Take care.”

First, thanks for a long, thoughtful response. You bring up some very good questions worth a good response, and I hope to give it here. Let’s go ahead and take them in order.

I do have super strength, heightened senses, and super healing. But I do not have Superman level powers, or even Wonder Woman. Not even She Hulk. Probably the closest I get to is Donna Troy level powers. The super healing is necessary for someone of super strength because of all the stresses that we put our bodies under by lifting the great weights that we do. In fact, in my “universe”, the stronger the superhuman, the greater his or her speed healing is. Thus, it’s no accident that, in my universe, the strongest folks also have the fastest healing powers, and that’s what makes them so difficult to take down.

My heightened senses are largely due to having a physique that is several steps up from the normal human physique of a woman my height and build. That also explains the faster eye/hand coordination and my flexibility. Those of us with such physiques also have these heightened senses/coordination/flexibility. The odd thing in my universe is that it is the super women who have this faster eye/hand coordination much more so than the men. My guess is that it’s because women’s muscles don’t get bulky like men’s muscles do. There are other super women who can move as fast as I can, and some are even faster.

For the super men, because they have all that bulky mass, it’s much harder for them to move fast like super women do. Of course, the advantage the men have is that they are much stronger. The strongest super woman in my universe (and it’s not me) is nowhere near as strong as the strongest super man. So even though I can dodge the slow, plodding punches thrown by super men, they can take the numerous punches that I throw at them because they are that much stronger (not to mention that they also heal faster). It’s a challenge that I’m still working on.

As for my costume, finding a tear resistant costume became necessary because of what I discovered from my very first super battle. And for us super ladies, we need these tear resistant costumes, because in this day and age of camera phones and YouTube, we are a short step away from being splashed all over the Internet showing off what we didn’t want to show off. And even though they are tear resistant, it’s not impossible to tear. Whether that happens in the stories – you will just have to wait and see. ;-) Anyway, the experience I went through in my first battle told me right away what us super ladies are going to need if we are going to do the hero thing, and I hope to make it a line of fashion later. In summary, we super ladies are going to need a durable costume if we are going to do the hero thing without becoming exhibitionists every time we do battle.

And last, I am not perfect. Far from it. I only need to get slapped around by one of my most annoying opponents to bring me back to earth (and you’ll meet her later). Even though I have super powers, I am still very human. I have feelings, and I have hopes and dreams, and I deal with adversity like any human does. Granted, the temptations of a super person are different and greater than normal folks, but it’s still temptation nonetheless, and we are just as prone to mistakes in judgment in the face of those temptations just like anyone else. It’s this part of my life that I hope makes my stories “real and believable”.

Thanks for your commentary. You really made me think about how I should respond. I hope I answered your observations to your satisfaction.


Freelancer said...

Yes you did answer my question. Thank you. I am honored that I really made you think. I have that effect on people. Your notebook is probably starting to get full with all the ideas that are coming your way. And truth be told, I have another one for you. In your web comic series, there should be a male character that you consider a close friend. If you want he can even know your secret identity. This male character will be your support. Cheer you up when you are down. Or on the flip side, you can vent your frustrations on him. The personality of this male character should be similar to Ron Stoppable on the Disney Kim Possible cartoon series. Annoying and lovable. In other words, your comic relief. Now, if you want to go the romantic route, you can go with a male character similar to Lucas from the South American "Cyber Six" series (look it up on Wikipedia). You want to share your love with him, but you can't because of your past (trouble or difficult) and your responsibilities to save the world, galaxy, dimension, etc. Of course the choice is yours.

After your post, I have to say that I disagree in what you said about male superheroes. Yes, there are some male heroes that a hyper strong with their muscles and such, but not all men have that stereotype build. Some are lean, with a lesser muscle build. Some are very similar to women. This also has to do with race as well. Some individuals of mixed ethnicity have a very unique build. On a scale from 1 to 20, where 20 is crazy muscles and crap, the lean male superheroes would be a 10, 11, 12, or 13. You have to consider important factors for male superheroes. Is this male character Japanese in his mid 20s or 30s? Is this male character South Asian (Indian)? Is this male character from any of the Islands in the West Indies? To be more specific, I am referring to men from the tropics – Jamaica. All I can say is that your creative team is going to need to do a lot of research in order to make this real. Email friends, and family. Talk to people of difficult backgrounds and ask them what they would enjoy in a web comic. In the end, whatever road you decide to take, we the audience will be entertained. As well, you will probably grab a reader that has never picked up a comic book in his/her life.

Freelancer said...

Question. Is it at all possible that bloggers can send you written scripts? There may be people out there that can't draw, but want to contribute to your web comic series. With that you can pick and choose which storylines you love. As well, you can modify the bloggers stories to your choosing. I almost became famous back in 2001. Why? Back in 1999, while in college I sent a script to Mainframe Entertainment Inc. (company has been renamed Rainmaker Entertainment) for an episode for ReBoot Season 4. Their PR staff said that they had to turn down my script due to liability issues. When the first ReBoot movie was released, I was surprised that the writers used a small part from my script. I'm positive! :)

Freelancer said...

To add to your post, I understand why you mentioned that you fly at "almost" sonic speed. You will need to do more research on this, but from my understanding when an object reaches the sonic speed there is a "Sonic Boom" effect. I now that will have a negative effect on your power levels - especially your senses. Technically, the only way to fly at these speeds will be with the assistance of technology such as the suit from Stark Industries. Til next time Andromeda.

Freelancer said...

I must be as excited as you for this web comic. I leave my computer and went into the dinning room to drink some tea, when BOOM - another idea for your comic popped in my head.

In superhero comic, the heroes and villains names are shortened. I'm not saying that your REAL superhero name is to be replaced. No that's not the case here. What I'm saying is that in life and death situations, it would be quicker to say the shorter version. For example: "Sup, look out! Lex threw Kryptonite at you!!" By the time you say 'Superman, look out! Lex threw Kryptonite at you!!', Superman would be screaming in pain and fall making a crater in the street.

To describe more in detail of what I'm talking about, take a look at my example below:

In Issue # 348 of The Amazing Spiderman (June 1991), terrorists are hijacking a government tanker car of nuclear waste and trying to sell it to the highest bidder.

The Avengers had to stop this threat. An example of using shorten superhero names is on page 20:

Evil Military Guy: ABORT MISSION! And to buy us escape time -- SMASH THE TANK CAR INTO THE NEAREST BUILDING!

* Meanwhile in the Avenger Jet *

Black Widow: Cap--!

Captain America: I see it, Black Widow! She-Hulk! Get to the ground! FAST!

* She-Hulk jumps from the jet in a stylish athletic pose *

She-Hulk: Fastest way I know how, mon Captaine!

* Captain America throws his shield at the cables being held by two choppers hijacking the tanker car *


Captain America: THOR!!! Get Ready -- To Make a Flying Catch!

CH-CHAK CH-CHANK (cables being broken sounds)


Andromeda, that is what I'm talking about. So excited.

Freelancer said...

Grr...I like a computer. All these ideas flowing through me. I feel like Dilbert. At this rate you'll probably have to set up a P.O. Box. Haha!

OK, in the web comic series for fun, The Mighty Andromeda can promote herself with commercials.

Also the "smiley face" on your left boob can be used as a communication device. Sort of similar to the Starfleet badges on Star Trek: The Next Generation. You could also have it as a power level indicator. For Example:

:-) = Excellent

:-| = Average

:-( = Poor

:-O = Danger

X| = Terminated *

* Of course you, will never reach this be drained of power to that point. Please tell me your thoughts. I'm so happy helping, I feel like I'm actually part of your BSC creative crew.

Freelancer said...

Will the web comic series take place in interstellar space? On Earth? In an international country? Will you be part of a League of Female heroines? What tone will the comic take? Comical (laughs), Dark, Dark Humor (i.e. Any British Comedy), Toilet Humor (Family Guy Style), Drama, Love story, Action Adventure (i.e. "Looking for Group" webcomic)? My mind is boggling.

Darkwing Duck said...

Let's Get Dangerous Andromeda!!

Nega Duck said...

I am the most fenniest terror that flaps in the darkest night. I am the skunk that pollutes your air. I AM NEGA DUCK!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I may be from another dimension but can't stop me. My philosophy is this - don't get mad, get EVEN!!!!!

Freelancer said...

I think I added this comment earlier, but make sure you add a techie guy/gal to your team. In different environments you would need a suit that supports you in certain scenarios. For example, a space shuttle is about to crash into the North Pole. This scenario would require a "winter" version of the Mighty Andromeda costume. He/She can make a cool addition to your costume. Cloak. Another additional which I think will be really cool is have a personal energy shield. Now before you say anything, this is NOT for your normal hero adventure, because that would be boring. The shield will be used for sub sonic flights. I thinking about the extreme G forces that will be pushing against your body. To add on top of that you may also consider haven't a life support energy field as well. For reference on the life support energy field, watch episodes from the 1973 Star Trek: The Animated Series (TAS). Another reference is Chapter 9, page 3 in the graphic novel - "Watchmen".

The Real World of "M.A." Webcomic said...

How is your character going to pay the bills? Better question is what will you do to make a living? Peter Parker is a web designer/photographer for the Daily Bugle. In the crappy 2004 Catwoman film, the super heroine's alter ego worked as a graphic designer. This is another item to "chalk" up for your web comic series.

Freelancer said...

OK *PHEW* this is going to be my last comment for now. For your comic series cover page what you should do is have the "A" symbol (your earrings) and modify it a bit. You could have the "A" symbol blown up and against a plain color background. You can also add yourself flying across the logo itself. Man - holy crap, I know you'll probably add "The Making of Mighty Andromeda". Time for some ZZs. Goodnight.

Freelancer said...

Hi Andromeda. I was reviewing my recent posts that I sent you. Man, my grammar wasn't perfect. I'm excited as you are. Anyway, earlier on I said that if you decided to take the romantic route, the male character of interest should be similar to that of Lucas from "CyberSix". I have two links that you and your creative team will need to review:

First is the relationship of Lucas and CyberSix. This relationship can be seen here:


Lucas, of course is the guy with the yellow hair and the tan dress shirt.

Research on the CyberSix series can be read on Wikipedia. Here is the link:

*CyberSix Research*

I hope this helps.

Freelancer said...

Andromeda, as stated earlier I found research on the 'Sonic Boom' effect. You should have your creative crew review this material as well. Take care.

** Sonic Boom **

freelancer said...

Oh, another thing. When you fly have you considered stealth? You may be able to fly at sub sonic speed, but national of the world and evil doers will still be able to track you via radar. This is another additional you'll need to consider for your costume. The black jets in the U.S. are made with reflexive material to bounce off radar rays. Just so you know.

skrenff said...

Do you have a battle cry? If you were ever to monologue what would you say?

skrenff said...

Are you those type of woman that can eat anything and not get fat? You know because of your super speed and such

freelancer said...

Let's see. You've talked about your abilities and explained the extent of them, based on my earlier comments. I have peeked the interest of your artist with regards to my idea about having your character wear "formal wear". Your character is going to representing your city, your country, your planet. And if you are lucky - our galaxy! Of course, I don't know how far this will extend in the universe you've created. I've talked about love interest, side kicks, annoying and lovable friends for your alter-ego and as the Mighty Andromeda. I've mentioned technology to assist you. Some of those technologies included a "Smiley Face Boob communicator"; a armor suit for sonic flight; a personal shield for fights against those ultra strong super men/women; a power indicator; life support field for space missions. After reading, I see someone asked you if you'd monologue. You monologue? Personally, I doubt that you'd waste a villain's time with monologue. Remember Sailor Moon? OMG!

"Now that the dark gate is open, the silver crystal is nothing!!"

*Put Hand Over Face *

Of course, that is not Sailor Moon, that is the Doom Phantom (a.k.a The Death Phantom in the original Japanese version).


With the ideas I have put on the table, I am happy that I can help. Enjoy the long weekend.

freelancer said...

Hmmm... I've been thinking. With your super hearing, and speed, it would be very difficult for regular villains to go up against you. With that in mind, wouldn't that be a boring web comic? The super strong men villains can't touch you because of your abilities. So with that in mind, is the web comic going to be about you - a super heroine, who is literally bored in life (alter-ego & super being), and has different adventures overall? Of course, that is my current mind set. I don't know what you have in store for the rest of us.