Tuesday, September 15, 2009

200th post to come next week

Okay, kiddies...

The 200th post is coming up next week, and -

- boy, do I have something special! You'll just have to wait to see it! Don't ask for any hints, because I won't be giving any! LOL

Coming Thursday will be a review of the recently released animated movie of Green Lantern titled Green Lantern: First Flight. And coming at the end of the month is yet another DC toon, titled Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, which is based on a story arc of the DC title of the same name. I'll be sure to watch and review that one as well.

I'm trying to decide how to provide a page of links to my reviews of comics and superhero movies - that is, if I want to have a list of links in a sidebar, or just provide one link in the sidebar that will link to a page of comic and movie reviews.

Oh, and last are these two WoW related videos that had me literally laughing out loud! Enjoy!

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