Monday, September 28, 2009

Quick reminder about this week

Hey, gang.

Just a quick reminder about this week, that I won't be posting any regular entries. Instead, what you'll see are posts meant to be an easy reference to stuff I've written or reviewed before, so that my readers will have an easy access to those earlier works.

I'll be back to regular posting probably a week from today.



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Nisbett said...

Great! I look forward to the new revamped BSC 2.0. By the way, I rented Green Lantern: First Flight last night. Formulaic it may be, but I found it very entertaining. Sci-fi and animation is a great combination for me!

DC Universe is really packing the punches with the story lines in these films.


The one thing I don't get is why Hal Jordan wasn't freaked out when he encountered the wounded Lantern Abber-Ser.