Monday, September 7, 2009

BSC Labor Day Special

I love the fact that a day named Labor Day is actually when we take the day off - no labor, in other words!

For today's entry, I would like to go ahead and hit upon some topics that are related to real life, and of which has been asked of me because the questioners know that I am of a right wing point of view. And of course, they know I am not shy about stating my views. ;-)

I'm just gonna just hit the topics on the run, so follow along! LOL

Probably the #1 question asked of me is what I think of President Obama so far. The man is skilled as a politician and speaker, but that will only get you so far. It had been said that Bush was not so much a president as he was the puppet of right wing special interest groups. I think the same can be said of Obama; that he is the puppet of left wing special interest groups (LWSIGs). Obama got where he is because of those people, and now he has to be at their beck and call.

One of the criticisms of Sarah Palin (whom I still want to run in 2012) was her inexperience on the national stage. I think Obama's own inexperience is hurting him now. With more experience, he would have been better able to handle the LWSIGs that are controlling him right now. He may not be aware that he is being controlled; he might even believe that he is doing all the decision making, but the outright clumsiness of how he's been conducting himself suggests that he's trying to follow the directions of too many chiefs.

Also, I theorize that the reason Obama has been trying to railroad all these plans of his is because his LWSIG chiefs are trying to accomplish their respective agendas through him before the public and other possible obstacles get wise and try to stop them. In the end, it won't matter what happens to Obama as a result - that is, if he becomes virtually unelectable - so long as items such as a national health care plan are in place.

In a real sense, Obama is a victim; not so much of racism as a lot of left-wingers allege, but of having to, paraphrasing what Molly Ivans once famously said, "dance with the one who brung ya." The thing to understand here is that it is the nature of pretty much all politicans to say one thing and do another; however, Obama has been so clumsy and blatant about it.

For instance, look how many of his cabinet and "czars" are not only left wing, but so left wing as to be virtual stereotypes of the radical, "hate America" leftists that conservative talk show hosts often rail about. A more skilled politician would have not nominated so obviously slanted candidates for these positions.

In summary, so far watching the Obama presidency has been like watching a car crash in slow motion. There are famous photographs of presidents at the start of their terms of office and at the end of it, and how the office has aged them. It took Bill Clinton and George Bush two terms to age as much they did. I think Obama will get his 8-year aging in one 4 year term if things keep going the way they are for him.

As for the health care issue, I am opposed to a government plan, because I feel that the government should play the role of referee, and not as a player in the game. To continue this sports analogy, imagine an NBA game in which one of the players was also the referee. Do any of you think that this game will be called fairly to have a player/referee in the game? That's what I think will happen with a government plan. My idea is to work on true health care reform. Outlaw "pre-existing condition" clauses, and other such things that are utilized by HMOs to cut back on coverage while still raising their premiums.

What I usually tell people is that I am in favor of health care reform, but I do not view "health care reform" and "government health plan" as one and the same. Perhaps instead of instituting a gov't HMO, the gov't can require that HMOs cover everyone, but that they will be given certain tax breaks for covering some of the poorest of the poor. What I found odd (but certainly not surprising) was the push to name the government health plan idea after Ted Kennedy; as if naming it after him would somehow make the plan work. But "a rose by any other name" is still an unworkable gov't HMO.

One last thing, and this is about the recent town halls and the protests that have been occurring at them. I say more power to those gutsy citizens! BUT, leave your damn guns at home! You help NOTHING by bringing them to town halls! Also, these phone-in town halls are a load of (if you will excuse my language this one time) bullshit. These are your constituents, and you should have the courage to face them, since you represent them.

That's it for now. You folks have a great Labor Day. :-)

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