Friday, September 25, 2009

Green Lantern question

In my blog entry movie review of Green Lantern: First Flight, Donald Gordon asks this question:

How come in GL:FL, GL is portrayed as a white guy, while in the Justice League animated series he's black?

A very good question, and a very easy answer! Earth has more than one GL! In fact, it has 5! 4 belong to the Green Lantern Corps (GLC), and one just happens to be a 5th Green Lantern for whatever reason, but is not affiliated with the GLC. The Earth GLs are as follows:

* Hal Jordan, gung-ho pilot, and the GL in the GL:FF movie
* John Stewart, architect, and the GL in the JL animated series
* Kyle Rayner, artist
* Guy Gardner, mainly a egotistical jerk who is a hero when needed
* Alan Scott, a GL from the 1940s and not affiliated with the GLC.

So how did Earth manage to have 5 GLs while most planets have to share two GLs among one of the 3,600 intergalactic sectors in the universe? Maybe the Guardians feel that we get into that much trouble!

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Donald Gordon said...

Oh. I didn't know that Earth has five GLs. That GL from the 1940s is probably too old to be of service to those in need even with his powers.