Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Disney buying Marvel Comics: Bad, man. VERY bad.

Sigh. (whimper) Boohoo.... Why am I crying? Check it out: Disney to buy Marvel Comics

I thought Marvel was cool, but not anymore! Marvel sold out, man! The Hulk has now joined hands with the likes of Hannah Montana! Will SpiderMickey cartoons be far behind?

Egad. I just had a terrible thought.

What if the artwork of all of Marvel's titles get "Disney-fied"? The men with that strange, floppy hair. The women with impossibly huge, cutesy eyes. The corny jokes. Oh, and that clumsy and annoying, cutesy pet that always manages to get into trouble! Will Kitty Pryde and her miniature dragon Lockheed go the way of Mulan and her dopey dog, Little Brother? I cringe at the very idea!

(banging head on keyboard) asl;fwein a;oine d;oighwerih flihrioh dfoghiow

A friend of mine told me that it could turn out to be for the better in the long run. It could very well be that Disney gets Marvel-ized rather than Marvel getting Disney-fied. While that would be the height of coolness if it happened, I highly doubt it. I doubt that even Galactus could take on the likes of the Mickey Monolith.

Oh, curse that annoyingly bland mouse for invading one of comicdom's holy grounds! He is vermin indeed! I had planned to post my favorite Marvel comic today, but I just don't have the heart right now. And I might not ever. Sigh.

Excuse me while I throw myself in front of a train. Oh wait. I better not. I have super strength and healing, and I'll only end up damaging the train and its passengers. I think I'll go to a town hall meeting instead and state that I'm in favor of a government health plan. That's probably more dangerous than throwing myself in front of a train.


Witty Indie said...

Think postive. Please stop hurting yourself. The merger may turn out better in the long run.

* Places hand on Andromeda's shoulder for moral support *

Anonymous said...

Would you prefer Pixar Animation Studios buy market share of Marvel Entertainment?