Tuesday, September 22, 2009

200th post! Whoohoo! And a new artwork of me!

Here we are, folks! Post #200! Let's get right to the cool stuff, shall we? Check this out!

Whoohoooo! Ain't it awesome! Today's artwork is done by Scott Blair, and he can be found here.

Scott is also accepting commissions, so look him up if you need some artwork. :-D

Here is Scott's section in which he discusses the artwork he did of me. I also slip in my own comment. And man, I really need to update my deviant page! LOL

Thanks, Scott, for a great piece of artwork! :-D

Okay folks, now for some news.

I'm not going to be making regular posts for the rest of this week and probably all of next week. Instead, for this week and next, I'm going to do some rearranging of my blog and what I have on it. There will also be a new banner to include Scott's new artwork. Mainly though, I want to make new sidebars to better clarify what I do on my blog. For instance, reviews are one of the services I offer, so I'm going to work on making a page of links to my reviews so that my readers can see it and know what movies and comics I've reviewed so far. I'm also considering offering to do reviews for those of you who have webcomics, but I'm still debating that right now.

So anyway, when you see posts on my blog for this week and next, it will be a page of reviews I've done or something like it, and it will be my way rearranging my blog. So don't panic if it looks like I'm going crazy. After all, I can't GO crazy if I'm already there! (badum-TISHH!) :-P

I'll also look into going back to a MWF format, with perhaps Fridays being Review Day or something like that. I had been thinking lately that it might be helpful if I had a little more structure to what I write about, so I'll look into it.

So again, the blog entries you will be seeing for this week and next are for clean-up. My next REAL blog entry will be on Monday, October 5th. So until then, keep up with me on Facebook. I'll still making my goofy comments there.

Thanks, all! You've been great, and join me for the ride to post # 300! :-D


Anonymous said...

I have to say - very professional with regards to the artwork. Great work Scott.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andromeda. I have been a great writer and enjoyed reading your blog. You may be crazy, but crazy in a good way.

Take care of yourself.