Tuesday, July 27, 2010

El Gato Negro vs. Nightwing!

Hello, my little nerdlings!

I wanted to post this on Monday, but the boss wanted to whip up a graphic to commemorate what he hopes will be the first of others of discussions on who would win vs. whom.

This time around, we are going to discuss Richard Dominguez' El Gato Negro vs. DC Comics' Nightwing (Dick Grayson).

First thing to note is that they both are unpowered; that is, they are not superhumans like yours truly. All their superhero fighting skills are due to intense regular exercises and training in various martial arts. Both employ hand weapons such as the ones EGN is wielding in the graphic above, along with throwing weapons. Both also utilize various gadgets and gizmos, but Nightwing has more than EGN. Both lost their parents and both were raised by someone who eventually trained them in their superhero fighting skills. Both are about the same age and are roughly about the same height and build. In short, they have a lot of common.

So... in a fight between them, who would win? Because they are so evenly matched, here I must break down the circumstances in which they might fight. The first is an instance in which they are fully geared with their weapons and gadgets and gizmos and are battling each other just to see who is better at these skills. In this instance, the fight would go to Nightwing, simply because through Batman, he has access to more training in more fight skills along with access to a lot more weaponry. This doesn't mean that EGN wouldn't put up much of a fight, just that in the end, Nightwing would win out.

However, in instances in which it is all on the line, and one believes that the other has critical information and is holding it out on them, then the edge goes to EGN. In reading the issues of EGN that are currently available, EGN fights best when it's all on the line, that he either wins or all is lost. In such a circumstance, he'll fight until he's exhausted, then he'll fight on until he wears his opponent down.

This is certainly not to say that Nightwing won't be as equally determined in such circumstances, just that I believe that EGN would win out in the end. This is because if Nightwing should fail, then he has back-up he can call on; basically his "Bat family". However, if EGN should fail to get that critical information, then he has no back-up to call on, so if that info is lost from him, then it's lost for good. All the more reason that EGN will push himself to get it done NOW, even if getting that info leaves him in bad shape afterwards.

But what about a third type of battle? This time, it's just them, mano-a-mano, no weapons or other gadgets, just them in a boxing ring just to see who is better in martial arts? I say that EGN will win if he does it fast by taking advantage of the fact that Nightwing might not be familiar with some of EGN's moves, specifically those related to Lucha libre. So because of that, EGN needs to take advantage of the element of surprise. Something else to consider is that because Nightwing is better geared with gadgets and gizmos, he is also that much more used to using them, so much so that in times when he doesn't have them, he may still reach for them out of reflex. EGN needs to take advantage of that as well.

If EGN doesn't take Nightwing down quickly, then it won't be long before he adapts to EGN's fighting style (and to the fact that he doesn't have his gadgets and gizmos handy for this fight) and can then turn the tables on EGN. In any case, it should still be a fun fight to watch, as well as a great test for both of them.

So that's my take. Do you folks agree/disagree?

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