Monday, July 12, 2010

EPIC FAIL, Switzerland! And the media, too!

Make no mistake, folks - justice wasn't done!

I am so royally pissed that Switzerland let that pervo sleazeball Roman Polanski go! And note that my link includes "pervo sleazeball!" That guy's ass (and the rest of him) deserves jail! And I am so sick and tired of people defending him! What part of "drugged and raped a 13 year-old" don't they understand?

What is also shocking is the absurd twists and turns of logic that his defenders come up with to explain this! For example, Whoopi Goldberg's classic "It wasn't 'rape-rape' ". What's more "rape-rape" than raping a drugged 13 year-old? How do these people live with themselves defending and justifying this sick pathetic excuse of a man? Folks, a person can be a "brilliant creative genius" without drugging and raping 13 year-olds!

I also put part of the blame on the accommodating media for not being outspoken enough on this issue. When it came to the priest scandal, the media literally drooled over covering the priests that were at the heart of this scandal and the inexcusable failure of the bishops who protected them and shuffled them around rather than deal with them like they should have. The bishops' abject failure of duty rightly should have been exposed by the press. So with that, why doesn't the press do that with the Roman Polanskis of the world?

I get why the pressed drooled over the priest scandal. They are, for the most part, anti-religious liberals; and the Catholic Church is one of the few institutions that has the courage to stand up on issues like abortion. So when the Church provides a ripe, juicy plum like the priest scandal, it was like throwing a naked swimsuit model to a pack of drunken frat boys.

How to decide to cover the Polanski issue should be a no-brainer even for the brainless anti-religious liberals that make up most of the press corps. Was it wrong for the pervo priests to rape and molest little boys (and some girls)? I hope you said yes! And is it just as wrong for the Roman Polanskis of the world to drug and rape little girls? I hope you said yes again!

And I would say that a priest raping a little boy is at least equally bad as Polanski raping that little girl, so with that, the coverage by the press should have been equally drooling. But it's not going to be because Polanski and the anti-religious liberals that make up most of the media belong to the same "open-minded and enlightened" group, and like any group of elitist boys' clubs, they defend their own.

Had the press really wanted to, they could help our society go a long way towards opening eyes, minds, and hearts to the tragedy of lax attitudes in our world towards child rape and prostitution by covering this issue with the same drooling zealotry that they did the priest scandal. That they don't is a scandal all its own, and it goes a long way in explaining why many of the major news outlets are losing their audiences and readers.

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I have ever thought of speaking with your liberal friends and engaging them on how to put more focus on this issue?