Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My thoughts of the upcoming Thor movie

Here is an article about the upcoming (that is, coming next year) movie on Thor. I'm trying to think about how I feel of a movie about a thunder god.

Portraying him in a comic book is one thing, but to try to translate that to the movies is another. Thor is more "Lord of the Rings" than he is "superhero". Think of the environment he lives in: Asgard. Then think about the kinds of creatures he fights: Elves, trolls, frost and fire giants, and the like. See? Isn't this more Lord of the Rings?

It seems to me that the Thor movie, at least the first one and maybe even a second, should work on exploring that kind of LOTR enviroment that he grew up in. Why not indulge in that sort of fantastic setting that made the LOTR movies so great? By the way, I LOVE all three LOTR movies, so I'm a tad biased toward making Thor in this way.

Anyway, I think the writers and the movie makers should start out Thor in this way and just have fun with Thor fighting trolls and giants in the sort of fantastic environment that made LOTR so much fun. Perhaps in a second movie, or even a third, THEN the writers can try to bring him into modern times. It might even be interesting to explore how he reacts to the changes in the world since the time he was brought up in.

This will also give us an idea of the kind of environment that he came from and what he's used to; that way, we can see where he's coming from and how puzzling and confusing the modern times are to him. From the eyes of an immortal, it must be shocking to see humanity to go from mud huts and horse drawn carriages to multi-story skyscrapers and Wi-Fi in a blink of their immortal eyes.

This would also explain why Norse gods speak English with a Shakespearean dialect (as they once did in Marvel Comics): Because they first learned English in Shakespearean times, so that's the dialect that stuck with them throughout their immortal years. It could be funny to see Thor having to update his Shakespearean English dialect once he gets more involved into modern times.

I think these ideas will be a very good way to introduce Thor to the movie audience (especially those for whom the comic version of Thor is new), and to work on the transition from his LOTR upbringing into the modern age into a second or later movie. My fear, though, is that this movie is going to stink because they'll put in tons of battles and cheesy special effects simply because the movie makers feel that "that's what we want", and to also justify putting it in 3D.

I wish movie makers could really try to be bold and innovative with these kinds of movies, but unfortunately the possibility is virtually guaranteed that they'll stick to the usual predictable and formulaic storyline and scenes that I could write myself. In other words, I have low expectations of how this movie will turn out, because Hollywood is such a sad, pathetic, and predictable shell of its former self. It's one of the reasons that I don't like paying for the ridiculous prices when these movies first come out in the theaters.

As I recently said, Toy Story 3 was a nice and pleasant surprise, but I don't expect such a high level of a surprise from the Thor move. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt I will be.

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