Thursday, July 8, 2010

Odds, ends, etc...

Well folks, this week got unexpectedly busy! LOL X-D

And yet I don't want to leave you guys with just one blog post this week! :-O

So even though this blog post will be a mess, I'm just going to hit a few topics just to get caught up somewhat and to also provide possible future blog posts. So let's have at it, shall we? :-)

Lindsay Lohan
Send her ass to jail and keep it there until she shapes up!

Toy Story 3
I saw it earlier this week - while it was still in the theater! And it was great! Review coming next week.

Current Hulk storyline
How I feel about this current Hulk storyline will completely depend on the upcoming issue of Hulk #611. Here's the upcoming cover. Sorry for the bad language that I'm about to use, but if #611 sucks, then I'm going to be pissed. Marvel has let us down before with these huge storylines only to fall flat at the end. Remember Civil War? Man, was I so disappointed at the end. Such a fantastic buid-up only to fall into the utter predictability of "Why can't we all just get along?" ending. So don't fail me with #611, Marvel, or I may not Make Mine Marvel ever again!

Green Lantern "Blackest Night" and "Brightest Day" storylines.
Although I enjoyed the main Blackest Night series, DC went overkill on all the related issues connected to the main storyline. It basically became an excuse to exhume virtually all of the old characters. After awhile, I stopped buying the extra issues and just stuck with the main series. As for Brightest Day, I wish they would go ahead and start answering some questions already as to why "those 12 people" were resurrected by the White Lantern creature. I'm already beyond tired of the stupid "what the hell's happening to me?" expressions on the faces of "the twelve" whenever they do something unexpected. Maybe DC should have held out starting this series until next year.

Lucky Shot bio and stats
is still coming up. Like I said, I got unexpectedly busy this week.

Should I get an iPad?
Do any of you have an iPad? What do you think of them? I was considering getting one. Is it worth not having a camera feature as well as something so basic as a USB port? What the heck's up with that, anyway?

Boob questions
For some reason, I've gotten quite a few boob questions in the past couple of weeks. Maybe it's the summer heat. Since most of them aren't worth a blog entry to themselves, let me go ahead and hit them here.

Do I really keep my cellphone in my bra?
Yes, I do. Not all the time, but most of the time. It keeps my phone handy, and it doesn't fall out.

Is that a real tattoo on your boob?
No, it's a fake one. Due to my super healing, real tattoos don't stick on me. I tried to get a rose on my ankle once, but the tattoo dude went through a ton of ink only for it fade out completely in a matter of hours. It is also because of my super healing that I wear only clip-on earrings. Even when needles can penetrate my earlobes, the holes still completely close up in a couple of hours.

What brand of bra do you wear?
All my bras are custom made by the Dept. of Superhuman Studies' own tailor, who is code-named Alloy. Alloy's power is to combine two otherwise unlike materials into a new material that retains the properties of the old materials. For example, he combines the standard cotton materials of all my clothing with stuff like Kevlar to make the new material soft as cotton, but with the durability of Kevlar. Basically, all my clothing and undergarments are virtually untearable. It's because he is the only known super with this ability that he charges outrageous prices for those who hire out his services. And yes, this means that your taxes paid to ensure that I don't have any "wardrobe malfunctions" while on the job. :-)

What's your bra size?
That's classified. They're big, okay?

Yes, I still love Sarah Palin. The more that the not-liberal media ridicules her, and the more the entertainment industry ridicules her, the more convinced I get about just how afraid they are of her. NOT because they feel that she is incompetent, but because they know that she appeals because she is genuine, unlike the phonies that most of them are. And when they start making up (bad language again, sorry!) bullshit like "did she have a boob job?" then I know that they are getting desperate. Seriously folks, they are getting unhinged over her!

No, I have not joined the local Tea Party. I'm still waiting them out to see how they turn out.

Yes, I wonder when they are going to cap that damn hole in the Gulf of Mexico. All the more reason we should be drilling closer to shore rather than the middle of the freakin' ocean. We are still going to need oil for the foreseeable future, and since we still need jobs to help "stimulate the economy", then let's "drill, baby, drill". But absolutely make sure that the environment is protected. I just don't see the point of importing our oil when we have enough for ourselves here. And yes, work on cleaner alternative fuel sources, but we still seem to be decades away from making anything viable yet that doesn't involve turning a food source like corn into gas for our cars.

In regards to Arizona's law on immigration, if the Feds would only enforce their own immigration laws, then this wouldn't even be an issue. I say kudos to AZ's governor Jan Brewer for having the balls to tough it out to force others to see how inept a job that the Feds have done on border enforcement. Our immigration laws aren't even as tough as Mexico's own immigration laws, and yet we STILL can't enforce them without worrying about any hurt feelings! If Mexico doesn't worry about the hurt feelings of foreigners in its borders, then why should we?

One commissioned art down, another still to come. You all loved the most recent commissined artwork, and I think you'll love the artwork still to come. :-) Stay tuned!

That's probably it for the week, folks. Enjoy your weekend!

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