Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thor vs. Green Lantern: Who would win?

So who would win in a fight between Marvel Comics' Thor and DC Comics' Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)? Yesterday the USA Today asked that very question, and today you will hear my take on this battle of titans!

I say that it will be Thor. This is not to take away from GL, but in a battle of wills, I feel that Thor wins out simply because he is that much more experienced in battle than GL is. Thor can come so hard and fast on GL that he probably has very little time to react.

Yes, GL can do things like cut off the magic that makes him super strong, or could cause him to change into his alter ego, Donald Blake, or he could do something like teleport Thor into space where he would suffocate and be weakened to the point that GL could beat him (I can't see GL actually killing Thor, but only using the space strategem to weaken him).

However, I don't think GL would have any time to employ any sort of strategy, because GL has to summon up whatever energy he is going to be using, while Thor is already good to go. It will be a short, quick fight with the god of thunder left standing in triumph.

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