Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Are liberals close to "getting it"? Not even close!

This Salon article gives the merest of glimmers of hope that at least a few liberals are close to grasping how arrogant and elitist they are. The article's author, Michael Lind, at least seems to have an idea of how bad they are right now, but he's not there yet, and that's evidenced by this paragraph from the article:

"It makes liberals look like snobs.
Since the '60s, conservatives have managed to recruit populist voters by claiming that the intellectual elites look down their noses at them. By theatrically sneering at less-educated politicians and media loudmouths, progressive pundits seem to prove that the left consists only of snobbish members of the college-educated professional class making fun of the errors of people who did not attend prestigious schools."

So close, and yet still not there! Here's the disconnect: Liberals look like snobs precisely because...

...they ARE snobs!

Only until liberals know and understand that they **are** wholeheartedly and complete snobs and elitists will they be on the road to overcoming their blindness and get back to understanding the problems of the "little people" that they claim to be the champions of.

I often use this example of their disconnect: Liberals are often the champions of public schools and public transportation, and yet they wouldn't be caught dead sending their kids to those schools, nor would they use public transportation. Thus, since they are unaware of the current state of public schools and public transportation, they are not "invested" in seeing them improved, because they are isolated from the problems of those who must send their kids to public schools. They likewise are isolated from the problems of public transportation; preferring instead to purchase the latest in electrical cars that are well out of the price range of most of those "little people".

Liberals then, are basically intellectual alcoholics; that is, they are drunk on their own perceived level of intelligence. And like regular alcoholics, they won't be able to fix the problem until they admit that there is a problem, and that problem is that they are elitist snobs. Liberals cling to their diplomas in the very same way that alcoholics cling to their bottles - that is, it's a crutch from facing reality. Until liberals can set their diplomas down and see the world as it truly is and see how lacking they truly are in helping to champion the causes of the "little people", then they will continue to be distant and aloof from the problems of the rest of us. Hopefully they can awaken to their blindness before an Egypt-type uprising deposes them. Unfortunately, I see little hope of that at this time.

So close, Michael! So close! Hopefully you'll get it next time! :-D

Since this post is made out of love for my liberal friends, I'm going to classify it as a FMFLLFs post (For My Fact-Loving Liberal Friends), because the fact is that they are snobs. Luv ya! Mwah!

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