Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Obama's health care plan: Coming soon in a comic book!

Yes, that's right, folks! Since we're too dumb to understand why Obamacare is the best thing since Karl Marx invented Communism, now some brilliant genius is going to explain it to us all - with pictures! And you can bet your superhero costume made with unstable molecules that I'll check it out and review it here! ;-)

Man, and here I thought nothing that liberals do would surprise me - I gotta admit that this surprised the hell outta me! OMG! They're now going to explain it to us with pictures! PICTURES!! I can't believe this! And if we STILL don't want Obamacare, what are they going to do then, huh? Since we'll be so stupid as to still not want Obamacare even when it's explained to us in pictures, can we then get one of those waivers that others have been getting? :-D

The libs have hit rock bottom, and have now started digging! LOL X-D

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