Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New blog feature! The Superhero Buzz! Today: Who is Super K?

Okay, folks! Today starts a new feature for this blog, and it's called The Superhero Buzz! With the exclamation point! :-D

What TSB is, is my intrepid investigative reporting on rumors or upcoming news on the superhero scene! I'm hoping that eventually, comics companies big and small, franchises and independents, will look to me to report on upcoming events or to stir up interest on new and exciting personalities making their way onto the superhero stage. As you folks know, us super folks tend to be larger than life, and who best to report on those larger than life than the busty one herself! I'll don my press fedora with the press card tucked in the hatband (hmm... I might need some artwork of that!) and get cracking on these news stories so that you know who's who and what's coming up!

Today we start with this lovely young lady known only as Super K!

Holy cow! Who is this hot little number? Rumor has it that she is to be a love interest for a certain El Gato Negro! But who is she? What are her powers? Where did she come from? And will the sparks fly for these two right off the bat? Your investigative journalist intends to find out!

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