Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why the "Worgen Generation"? Part 1 of 3

Last week I had introduced my suggestion to name my generation (generally, those in their 20's who mostly were the children of Baby Boomers), and I suggested the "Worgen Generation" so that we named ourselves rather than allow ourselves to be named by someone else - especially by those of another generation.

Thing is, folks - it's been said that our generation will be the first to not outdo the previous generation, and I've said before that we don't have to accept that as a foregone conclusion. We don't have to live up to this self-fulfilling prophecy just because someone else says so. No, I think we can be the "Best Generation" despite whatever obstacles that others may put in our way. Below is my first reason for suggesting the "Worgen Generation". The second and third reason will come Wednesday and Friday respectively.

1.) "Worgen" as I'm using it here comes from the game, World of Warcraft. The worgen are a race of humans who have the ability (or more accurately, a curse) to become werewolf-type creatures. For those of you who do not play WoW, basically, WoW is a fantasy online game in which you do battle against various villains and against the opposite faction in a "Lord of the Rings" style setting. Worgen belong to the Alliance faction (the opposing faction and the one I had played is the Horde). There's a lot more to WoW than what I'm describing here of course, but that is it in a nutshell.

Anyway, my use of the worgen reflects our generation's gaming pasttime. Yes, previous generations had the video arcade games, but to my knowledge, our generation is the first to use it to the extent that it is now; that is, to the extent that gaming is as much a part of our social life as other forms of socializing, like bowling or miniature golf for young adults of the past. Technology has become a part of our lives like the Hi-Fi record players of my parents' generation.

On Wednesday, I continue with my second point. See you then!

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