Friday, February 4, 2011

The Superhero Buzz!: Wonder Woman coming to television?

Time for another The Superhero Buzz! With the exclamation point!

According to this article on the Huffington and Puffington Post (of all places!), a new Wonder Woman TV series might come out this fall! I like the idea, and I hope they try it. However, I also hope that they try to do WW in the tradition of Lynda Carter, and not their previous attempt of Cathy Lee Crosby. The former is a nerd goddess, while the latter is of interest only to those looking to see what else has been tried to put WW out in the entertainment media. And what an awful outfit! I have some hesitation, however, because of this line in the article:

"The show will allegedly involve a somewhat 'realistic' take on the Amazon warrior, with Diana being a CEO by day and a vigilante at night."


It sounds like they're going to go with the Cathy Lee Crosby version instead of the Lynda Carter version! Have they learned nothing these past few decades? I'll reserve judgment until I know more details, but this attempt at "realism" gives me jitters, because most writers of TV shows are of the liberal or very liberal slant, and "realism" to them generally means some politically correct sermonizing crap, and if that's the case, it will fail faster than a $1 bra.

In case you're wondering how I would like to be presented in the entertainment media, I think I want something along the lines of a Pixar movie - computer animation, in other words. Superhero stories are basically tales of myth along the Greek or Roman lines, and I think computer animation would capture that style of storytelling the best.

Anyway, this has been a TSB! report! Have a great weekend!

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