Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Joanne Siegel, the model for Lois Lane, passes away

I posted on Facebook about the passing of Joanne Siegel, who was the model for Lois Lane and also the wife of one of Superman's creators, Jerry Siegel. I want you guys to notice something about how Jerry drew Joanne as Lois. Check it out!

Here's an excerpt from the article below, and there's a point that I want to bring up afterwards:

"Shuster’s drawings reproduced her hairstyle and her facial features, though in the most famous of the original drawings, Lois is considerably more voluptuous than her model was." “Joe might have taken a few liberties,” Ms. (Laura Siegel) Larson said with a laugh."

Laura Larson, by the way, is the daughter of Jerry and Joanne.

Anyway, check out the drawing below. Know what this means? It means that comic book artists have been drawing women as busty since the beginning! You guys are incorrigible, you know that? LOL

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