Monday, October 11, 2010

Andromeda decks Superman! Whoohoo!

Yes, it's true! In the artwork below, I am decking the Man of Steel himself! So what did Supes do to be decked by yours truly? Well, it's like this...

Just before I decked him, he said to me: "Hey Andromeda. Why are you wearing lead-lined underwea-- oops."

So I decked him and said "I'm telling Lois!" Yes, he's considerably stronger than me, but when properly motivated, I can bloody the nose of even a super man. Aim those x-ray peepers somewhere else, perv! LOL

This awesome piece of art was done by Jhomar Soriano ("That Scruffy Rhōnin Guy"), and that particular artwork can be found here.

Jhomar my friend, you have earned a spot on my list of Cool Links! ----------->

Thanks so much for a great piece of art! :-D

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