Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First Round! Werewolf vs. The Zombie!

The first round continues with the third fight of the eventual Halloween Showdown!

In this corner, from the darkest depths of the forest comes: The Werewolf!

Strengths: Fangs! Claws! Bestial attitude! The guy's a growling and slashing killer furball! Once he gets a blood frenzy going, he's virtually impossible to stop.

Weaknesses: An allergy to silver, and not just silver bullets, but anything coated with silver. It could be brass knuckles, a club, or simple kitchen utensils (although I wouldn't recommend trying to take down a werewolf with a butter knife!), and the greater the purity of silver, the more allergic the werewolf is to it. Also, once he is in a blood frenzy, then his reasoning is virtually absent, so he can be maneuvered into a trap or pit. Oh, and he hates fleas.

And this corner, rising from your local graveyard is: The Zombie!

Strengths: Total immunity to pain. You can stab him, you can shoot him, and he'll keep coming for you. He is virtually impossible to stop in his goal to consume your brains. Also because of his immunity to pain, he is stronger than you would expect a walking corpse to be. Normally when we try to break through a wall or door by throwing ourselves against it, it would severely injure us, but the Zombie can just keep throwing himself against a wall or door until it breaks down.

Weaknesses: Very slow, lumbering speed. Also, because he is still in the process of decaying, his limbs are likely to fall off with enough effort to remove them. And as with the Werewolf, his single-mindedness in pursuit of his goal can be used against him. He can be led into traps that will end in his demise, like firepits. Virtually no social or communication skills, but when someone smells like rotted flesh, why would you want to try to socialize with them anyway?

This battle would last surprisingly longer than you would think, because while the Werewolf can keep charging at the Zombie, the Zombie simply won't stay down. That, plus the enormous offending smell of the Zombie would be enough to keep the Werewolf from staying in close ranks for very long, since their sense of smell is much more acute than human senses of smell. And besides, no matter how much the Werewolf slashes at the Zombie, he will feel no pain, and he won't be brought down by numerous slashing wounds like the Werewolf's living prey would be.

The main reason that their battle would last longer than expected is because of both of their single-mindedness. However, eventually the Werewolf would win because he will eventually be capable of reasoning once he sees that his usual tactics aren't working this time around, while the Zombie isn't capable of reasoning at all, so he won't change tactics even when he needs to. My guess is that the Werewolf eventually figures out to slash the head off of the Zombie, which is one way to kill a zombie. He wouldn't use the other zombie killer - fire - because Werewolves aren't too keen on fire themselves.


There is one more fight in this first round, and that will come this Friday. Then next week are the finals before we get to the Halloween Showdown at the end of the month. You guys excited yet? Well, maybe the next fight will get your nerd juices flowing, because it will be the classic nerd debate of the fight between the Ninja and the Pirate!

And last, for your entertainment pleasure, here is a spoof of the classic Halloween song, Werewolves of London, which is timely not just because Halloween is coming up, but also the new game expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, which has the new Alliance race, the Worgen. I present to you Worgen of Stormwind!

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