Thursday, October 28, 2010

Second Round! Ninja vs the Werewolf!

Today is the second of two fights for the Second Round of my eventual Halloween Showdown! The winner of today's bout goes on to fight the Vampire in the final round this coming Sunday!

In this corner, from the mysterious parts of the wilderness comes: The Werewolf!

Strengths: Fangs! Claws! Bestial attitude! The guy's a growling and slashing killer furball! Once he gets a blood frenzy going, he's virtually impossible to stop.

Weaknesses: An allergy to silver, and not just silver bullets, but anything coated with silver. It could be brass knuckles, a club, or simple kitchen utensils (although I wouldn't recommend trying to take down a werewolf with a butter knife!), and the greater the purity of silver, the more allergic the werewolf is to it. Also, once he is in a blood frenzy, then his reasoning is virtually absent, so he can be maneuvered into a trap or pit. Oh, and he hates fleas.

How he got here: Defeated the Zombie

And in this corner hiding in plain sight is the Ninja!

Strengths: Moves extremely quiet from shadow to shadow, silently and patiently waiting for the right moment to strike his target. Then once in action, he is extremely fast with a sword or throwing star, often killing the target before the target can even react. You can't defend against what you don't see coming.

Weaknesses: Works best when there are dark corners or shadows to work from, so a lot of modern office buildings make for poor ninja stalking environments. If he misses with his first strike (which won't be often), then his main offensive strategy of striking from stealth is already blown. And despite his speed, even the fastest of ninjas can't outrun a bullet.

How he got here: Defeated the Pirate.

Unlike the Zombie, the Werewolf's current opponent is bristling with sharp steel. And because ninjas tend to study their targets before stalking them, the Ninja would know to bring something coated with silver. Maybe not so much a sword, but perhaps a dagger. However, trying to stab the Werewolf with its own kryptonite is no easy task, even for the speedy Ninja!

Ninjas generally try to take out their targets with their first blow, so if that is not accomplished, then their work gets that much harder. And given that werewolves are rarely just standing around providing nice, juicy targets for their opponents, this makes it unlikely that the Ninja will be able to take out the Werewolf in one strike, so already the Ninja has his work cut out for him.

The silver-coated dagger is probably best to use, because a sword would be too long to use in close quarters, while a dagger is just long enough to stab through the heart. Still, having the sword at hand is useful, because although the Werewolf is very tough, even non-silver blades can still hurt, and most importantly, a particularly injurious sword attack can provide an opening for which to strike with the silver-coated dagger. The Ninja would have to move fast, though, because the Werewolf is no slouch either in the speed department!

However, I think the Ninja's skills with bladed weaponry is just enough to allow him to defeat the Werewolf, despite the Werewolf's height and size advantage. A quick stab through the heart, and it's over.


Now the Ninja moves on to the final round with the Vampire in Sunday's Halloween Showdown!

So who do you think will win that titanic bout? Tune in Sunday and find out!

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