Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Second Round! HCM vs. The Vampire!

Second Round! HCM vs. Vampire!

Today starts the first of two fights for the second round of my eventual Halloween Showdown! The winners of these bouts goes on to the final round coming this Halloween!

In this corner, coming from a home with too many bad influences is the Homicidal Chainsaw Maniac (HCM)!

Strengths: Very strong, very large size, high tolerance for pain. And lest we forget, he comes bearing a big ol' freakin' chainsaw! His big size is intimidating enough, but add to that the noisy chainsaw and you got one giant, scary dude!

Weaknesses: Slow, lumbering speed. Limited vocal skills - not that he needs them for hacking people to death! Slow thought processes. If his chainsaw is somehow taken from him, then he is less of a threat. Not MUCH less, but it would be easier to stop him if he isn't waving a chainsaw in your face!

How he got here: Defeated the Demon-Possessed Action Figure.

And in this corner, coming at you from a casket in the bottom of some dark dungeon is The Vampire!

Strengths: Superhuman strength and a high level of tolerance for pain. Is able to literally drain the life of his opponent away by biting their neck with his fangs and sucking their blood, thus ending the fight.

Weaknesses: Extreme vulnerability to sunlight, so he only goes out at night. Also a weakness to garlic, and can be killed by a wooden stake driven through his heart. Is also vulnerable in the presence of a crucifix, but the wielder has to also be a believer.

How he got here: Defeated the Lawyer.

In this round, both contestants have a tougher fight on their hands. HCM is not dealing with a tiny opponent (albeit a nasty, vicious one!), and the Vampire is not dealing with an annoying but still rather weak Lawyer. This time, it’s Fangs vs. Saw!

Yes, this time, the Vampire has someone who can defend himself with something considerably more substantive than a court summons! And since both have a high tolerance for pain, this fight is going to last a bit longer. The HCM is strong enough to plunge a wooden stake into the Vampire's heart while he lay sleeping, but since he walks with all the grace and silence of a drunk wearing wooden shoes, his noisy entrance will be enough to wake the dead - or in this case, the undead.

Once the Vampire awakes, he leaps to action, only to be swatted away with the HCM's chainsaw. While the HCM can wield his chainsaw pretty skillfully, the Vampire is still too fast for him to make decent contact with. That, plus the fact that the Vampire is a more skillful fighter leaves this little doubt as to who would win this time around. The HCM could drag the Vampire out to sunlight, but he's not strong enough to hold him long enough for the sun to do its deadly work. Once the Vampire separates the HCM from his chainsaw, then it's a short trip to his neck and the Vampire wins.


He now moves on to the championship round and awaits the winner of the fight between the Ninja and the Werewolf, which comes this Thursday!

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